28 July 2014

Hawkeye #19 Out This Week

Out this Wednesday, July 30, 2014 from Marvel.

"RIO BRAVO - Part 4 - The sense-shattering fallout of the Clint vs. the Clown - If we do our jobs right THIS time, this issue will be the Dog Issue of Sign Language issues."
By Matt Fraction & me, colors by Matt Hollingsworth, letters by me and Chris Eliopoulos.

As usual Spotify list for this issue, also in YouTube.

Here goes a preview. Also, preview up at CBR.

Bonus: The New York Times covered this issue:
One of Marvel’s Avengers Turns to Sign Language.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping with the theme of silence and making the playlist a reflection of that

Hamorhage said...

Very rarely do I look up an artist blog right after I read through an issue, but after reading the first 3 chapters in the Hawkeye trade I had to know more about this David Aja fella :P It's really cool to see your linework posted here, and the added bonus of a spotify playlist for each issue makes you my new favorite artist :D

Anonymous said...

Now Hawkeye #21 is delayed until January 14?! Not on my pull list! You people have disappointed your fans far too many times already. Any loyalty I once felt toward artist or writer has completely evaporated.These delays are inexcusable in any profession. I'm just glad I was waiting for a comic book and not cancer treatment. Hasta la vista

Anonymous said...

Now it's delayed until the end of January?! This just keeps getting more and more ridiculous. My latest favourite artist is now the biggest flop in the industry thanks to repeated delays that have effectively killed this title and any joy attendant thereon. Maybe you should take up poster design!

duphot said...

You are a fantastic artist ! I admire your work so much !

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