16 July 2014

And Hawkeye #22 Cover

Bonus: All Hawkeye Covers.


Anonymous said...

Hi David
So, I now hear that this is, in fact, the last Fraction and Aja Hawkeye. Do you know offhand if anybody else is taking the helm or is this also the end of the run? Whatever elither of you take on next, I'm sure you will have a coterie of fans eagerly awaiting anything you do. Thanks for the run!

David Aja said...

Hey, thanks!
No idea on Marvel plans on the series, tho.

Unknown said...

Is this your last issue?

Anonymous said...

Hi David,

I've been reading only Hawkeye stories from Marvel since about 1985, and I can tell you that you did the best take on the character over the past 30 years. Thanks for the great art, and I applaud you for taking your time to get each issue right. I have to ask you, since Hawkeye's color palette on the covers started as blue and purple (in keeping with the colors of his duds) why did it change to red and yellow halfway through the series? Is there a deeper significance to the colors?

Unknown said...

Hey David,

Do you have any art for sale?

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