21 July 2013

8 July 2013

Hawkeye Vol. 2: Little Hits

On sale this Wednesday July 10, 2013 from Marvel.

"The year's most critically acclaimed comic! Ace archer Clint Barton battles Superstorm Sandy, digital doomsday, dog detectives, lady problems, murder for money and more as Matt Fraction and David Aja continuetheir exciting, adventurous reinvention of the arrowed Avenger! Plus: The tracksuits are back, and they're aiming to kill!"

Collecting HAWKEYE (2012) #6-11.
By Matt Fraction and David Aja, colored by Matt Hollingsworth, letters by Chris Eliopoulos and special art guests like Francesco Francavilla, Jesse Hamm, Steve Lieber and Annie Wu.

4 July 2013

Talk Talk Talk

I have done some interviews lately and I thought maybe would be a good idea to collect them all in one post. I know, much probably I was wrong.
-Decompressed by Kieron Gillen - Nice talk with Matt Fraction and me on Hawkeye #1 process.
-Podcast with Pat Loika at Loikamania - Nearly one hour of stuttering, babbling and weird accent.
-Interview at The New York Post - Part One - Part Two - It's called interview but I prefer to call it Telephone Transcription From Mars.
- Interviewed by Alex Dueben at CBR - After a long Skype conversation. I know, I talk too much. Includes a Hawkeye #11 process page.
And some other great interviews in Spanish (use a translator you lazy, won't be the same but you can get some crazy funny words).
-Mireia Pérez me entrevista para Libro de Notas en su columna semanal Llámame Tebeo - Conversación entre colegas.
-Jesús Jiménez Rodríguez me entrevista para RTVE - Abriendo la sección de cultura y en el blog de viñetas y bocadillos.
Sequentials from Hawkeye #8, colors by Matt Hollingsworth.