4 July 2013

Talk Talk Talk

I have done some interviews lately and I thought maybe would be a good idea to collect them all in one post. I know, much probably I was wrong.
-Decompressed by Kieron Gillen - Nice talk with Matt Fraction and me on Hawkeye #1 process.
-Podcast with Pat Loika at Loikamania - Nearly one hour of stuttering, babbling and weird accent.
-Interview at The New York Post - Part One - Part Two - It's called interview but I prefer to call it Telephone Transcription From Mars.
- Interviewed by Alex Dueben at CBR - After a long Skype conversation. I know, I talk too much. Includes a Hawkeye #11 process page.
And some other great interviews in Spanish (use a translator you lazy, won't be the same but you can get some crazy funny words).
-Mireia Pérez me entrevista para Libro de Notas en su columna semanal Llámame Tebeo - Conversación entre colegas.
-Jesús Jiménez Rodríguez me entrevista para RTVE - Abriendo la sección de cultura y en el blog de viñetas y bocadillos.
Sequentials from Hawkeye #8, colors by Matt Hollingsworth.

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Anonymous said...

¡Felicidades por tu trabajo en Ojo de Halcón! Me recuerda mucho a David Mazzucchelli en BATMAN:AÑO UNO.

¡Ánimo y sigue así!

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