21 June 2013

Hawkeye #11 Out Next Week

Out next Wednesday, June 26, 2013 from Marvel.

"PIZZA DOG gets his own issue. Literally… the entire issue it’s all from the dog’s point-of-view. Seriously. This is not a joke! Even the coloring. Dog issue. We’re all gettin’ fired. PLEASE READ…"

By Matt Fraction & me, colors by Matt Hollingsworth.

As usual, here you have an Spotify list with music for this issue, unofficial Soundtrack of Hawkeye #11.
Playlist also available on YouTube.

Here goes a preview. Also, preview up at CBR.


Unknown said...

I'm almost too excited for this issue to come out! Art looks fantastic as always!

Jordi Pozo said...

Thanks a lot for your gift!! Wurf!!

Santi said...

I have to say that it's the best issue ever. Amazing!

Heliophoenix said...

Loved all the gorgeous art!

Unknown said...

i brought some of these images to my architectural representation class because we were studying narratives in diagrams. they were great examples!

Stieny7 said...

One of the best single issues ever.

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