27 July 2010

Immortal Iron Fist #4 cover

Issue 4 (2007) was a little bit our own "Empire Strikes Back"; it featured a lot of revelations and the bad guys as prominent characters and things were really starting to get dark for the heroes.
I tried to reflect that by pushing the contrast between black and white to the limit with a touch of color. It's the first "design-heavy" cover I did for Marvel, and honestly, I was doubtful this style would be accepted.
It remains one of my favorite covers.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Aja, you are very talented. Cannot wait to see your Daredevil Black & White.


Panmios said...

Te parecerá que exagero, puede que todo el mundo que lea esto y lo entienda piense que exagero, quizá esté realmente loco de remate, pero esta portada es mi favorita en todo el universo universal. En serio.

David Aja said...

Jo, gracias majo. Como digo arriba, a día de hoy sigue siendo una de mis favoritas también. Gracias otra vez.

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