27 July 2010

Immortal Iron Fist #1 cover

When I started doing Immortal Iron Fist #1 cover (2006), I tried to stablish a common design for first whole arc with white prevailing.
It was a new series and I had to think of some trick to make it stand out on store racks. Most superhero comics it would be sharing space with tend to have covers full of elements or rendered in pictorial styles, so I decided to go with large swaths of white. I've been told it worked, everybody knew when a new issue had come out and it could be seen from the entrance to the shop.
This is the final rough, and, as you will notice it was going to be a limited serie.

I inked Iron Fist and K'un-Lun background in two separated boards:

As I did with colors. Incidentally, when I created this cover I still hadn't designed the definitive Iron Fist chest tattoo that would change so much in the interiors and on further covers.

I also designed the logo in such a way that it could be used anywhere on the cover to help the composition. The Chinese characters obviously mean Iron Fist and they change color in each issue.


Max said...

These are great. I was just looking back through a lot of your Iron Fist work after reading Hawkeye #1 and it's all so impressive. Your inking is so unique and effective. What do you try to focus on when you're inking? Also what do you use to ink? Thanks, and keep up the awesome work.

Anonymous said...

I second that! What size do you create your original art at?

J. Christopher Greulich

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