21 October 2015

Scarlet Witch #1 and #2 Covers

A new Marvel series written by James Robinson with art by Vanesa Del Rey, Marco Rudy and more. I will be doing covers. On sale in December, 2015.


RMP said...
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RMP said...

Given Scarlet Witch's done-in-one format, with a new artist for each issue(reminiscent to Ellis' Secret Avengers run), here's to hoping you eventually draw the interiors for one issue as well!

I've long thought your one-shot work--SA #18, Debt of Death, Three Jacks from DD #500--is some of your very best!

Unknown said...

Covers are incredible, but it breaks my heart if an incredible storyteller only does covers. Can I ask if you will be drawing a new strips soon?

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

Man, we really want to see you drawing interiors again.


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