11 October 2013

Hawkeye #13 Out Next Week

Out next Wednesday, Oct 16, 2013 from Marvel.

"After a lifetime of decisions both good and bad, Clint and Barney Barton have to realize they are brothers and ultimately, they're the only ones who can save one another. I mean if they don't kill each other first. Good luck with that, Barton brothers."

By Matt Fraction & me, colors by Matt Hollingsworth.

As usual, here you have an Spotify list with music for this issue, unofficial Soundtrack of Hawkeye #13.
Playlist also available on YouTube.

Here goes a preview. Lettered one up at CBR.


Čoča92 said...

"Toilet Flush Sound Fx"

Bravo, sir!

On a serious note: Your artwork is superb, as always!

Karlos said...

Just gorgeous, Mr Aja.

Joao88 said...

In Brazil, they changed the title to Funeral For A Friend.

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