3 January 2013

Hawkeye #8 and #9 Covers


Unknown said...

I like this one much! Awesome, I love hawkeye

Dan Tozek said...

Beautiful, cant wait to pick these up!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful artwork, bro!
I really love your panels and the way you lay out the pages! There's a lot of designer way in what you do. Or am I mistaken? I think this what sets you apart from some many other artists!

Also, the soundtracks are just perfect and very nicely captures Hawkeye's mood... (or is it the other way around?). I can't express my gratitude for being introduced to Lalo Schifrin!!!

Unfortunetly here in Brazil we'll have to wait to see your wonderful job with "Hawkeye"... But I'm sure it'll be a huge success (as for myself I'm picking up here and there pieces of your work and already pre-ordered my TPB from Amazon!)

Well, just talked too much.

keep doing this amazing job and inspiring us all (archers or not).

Best Regards

Valerio said...


Ejike Wosu said...

Now that I've seen the covers I can't wait for these issues to come out. Fantastic book. My favourite of 2012 and probably 2013.

David Aja said...

Hey, thanks all!

Teachugger said...

The cover - and art - looks so misplaced in this century. And that is a rare accomplishment.

Dennis said...

Hey David is there a copyright for the cover #9, because I want to use it for my school project. It won't be published only in the school. I really like your Art. The name of my Project is HawkEye it is an intelligent Camera that detects an follows objects.

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