14 December 2012

Hawkeye #6 Out Next Week

Out next Wednesday, Dec 19, 2012 from Marvel. "Clint Barton is preparing for the Holidays!"

By Hawkguy Team Matt Fraction, me, Matt Hollingsworth and Chris Eliopoulos.

Check the Hawkguy Advent Calendar in my Twitter, 7 days, 7 panels. #HawkguyAdventCalendar

As usual, you have an Spotify list with music for this issue, unofficial Soundtrack of Hawkeye #6.
Playlist also available now in YouTube, as well as issue #1, issue #2 and issue #3.

Here goes preview. Lettered one up at CBR.


Aaron said...

Amazing as always David..great job!

Aaron said...

I am trying to figure out the composition form of "tuesday dec 18th page"its the same concept you used for immortal iron fist issue 16 cover.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that the video game composition of those pages are amazing.

Truxillogical said...

Finally got my copy and read it and I have to say, it's all absolutely gorgeous...

But that one splash page of Clint standing outside of his building waiting for the bad guys is just. Perfect. If anyone asked what makes this book different than other superhero books, that's the page I'd show them. It's not flashy, just simple and perfect. How do you do it, sir?

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