3 April 2012

¡Caramba! 2

Me and other 46 comic artist have collaborated in, what much probably is, longest comic ever, ¡Caramba! 2. Some kind of weird exquisite corpse, printed in full color on a paper roll 5 m. long, on a print run limited to 500 copies.
You can check more about it and get yours here.

Otros 46 autores y yo hemos colaborado en el que probablemente es el cómic más largo del mundo, ¡Caramba! 2. Una especie de cadáver exquisito, impreso en un rollo de 5 metros de largo a todo color, en tirada limitada de 500 ejemplares.
Puedes echarle un vistazo y conseguir tu ejemplar aquí.


S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

Good stuff for spanish people only!:^~¨%$

David Aja said...

Patience, my young padawan, soon, soon... ;)

Tymmi said...

Hi David. You might want to check out Isabel Rucker's "Unfurling." At something like 450 feet, I think she holds the record.

My own long book was 35.5 feet (about 11m).

I couldn't afford color, though, and I like your scroll too. I looked into printing mine as one piece like that, but it was waayy too prohibitively expensive for my budget, even in black and white. I had to seam pieces together to get the length, but it is all one strip.

David Aja said...

Hey, great stuff!
Thanks for sharing!

DEIH said...

jajajaja que bueno , además, aparte de todo soy un gran fan de tus dibujos! sigue dándole tio!

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