27 December 2010

5 Ronin Wolverine Cover Process

5 Ronin Wolverine is #1 issue in a five-issue weekly-shipping limited series, written by Peter Milligan and drawn by Tomm Coker, out in March from Marvel.

Wolverine cover is first one I did of the serie, and to be true, I was a little insecure with both technique and composition, was by far one I used more time with.
I based main Wolverine picture on ToshirĊ Mifune in Yojimbo. Not so happy with result, though, and I did not use references on next covers, where I think characters look much better.

This is final cover sketch.

Main picture is done in whased inks (left). Pencil for aditional figure lines and Samurai armor, and inks for some kind of nature Sumie paints (right).

Then, put it all together and turn colors in Photoshop.
I wanted to play with two main blocks of texts, one for the serie title (5 Ronin) and another for the character of the issue. I thought a quote of the charater will give some personality to each cover. I know what you are thinking, it had to be a serif typeface, and yes, you are right, I used a serif typeface.
I also add japanese numbers on top of the character name and I had the chance of turning Marvel logo into main color of the cover.


Unknown said...

Looks awesome! Can't wait to get my hands on a copy!!!

David Aja said...

Thanks dude!

Al said...

Beautiful work, I would love to see these 5 as framed prints on my wall some day.

usagigoya said...

Love the work you have done on these covers!

Even if this mini series does not live up to the anticipation, they will still have been worth buying just for the great covers!

Out of curiousity, have you ever read the Usagi Yojimbo comics set in Feudal Japan?

David Aja said...

Thanks!, Yep, I have, and I'm a hardcore fan of Koike and Kojima.

usagigoya said...

Kazure Okami - The Lone Wolf with Cub! Awesome stuff! I love Kojima's art, even if it has been reversed like in Dark Horse's release of Lone Wolf & Cub and Samurai Executioner!

Reason I asked about Usagi Yojimbo is because I have been stuck with a thought in my head about wanting to get a b/w drawing of the characters of Usagi Miyamoto, Tomoe Ame, and Gennosuke Murakami by an artist familiar with their personalities, but drawn as they would appear if they were not drawn as anthropomorphic characters.

Unfortunately, I did see your note concerning commissions and all I can do is wait and hope that sometime in the future your policy might change.
- Steve

usagigoya said...

Every chance I get, I tell Dark Horse that I would love to see them translate Koike and Kojima's Bohachi Bushido: Code of the Forgotten Eight. The film version stars Tetsuro Tanba and is one really nihilistic classic of 1970's samurai cinema / chanbara! The dvd has an official USA release and features some of the pages from the manga as one of the features on the disk.

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