27 December 2010

5 Ronin Punisher Cover Process

5 Ronin Punisher is #3 issue in a five-issue weekly-shipping limited series, written by Peter Milligan and drawn by Laurence Campbell, out in March from Marvel.
In first sketches of this cover I was drawing Punisher with a bow and I did not get with right shot. Till I understand The True. Wanna go right with Punisher? Give him a firearm and place him under a light. Black costume is replaced by a white kimono, white being the color of death in Japan. At this point in time Japanese warriors used matchlock rifles called “Tanegashima”, one Punisher has on picture.
This is final cover sketch.

Main picture's whased inks (left). Pencil for aditional figure lines and mask, and inks for some kind of nature Sumie paints (right).

Final art in Photoshop and final design with texts and logos:


GanzĂșas said...

Tronco, pues sĂ­ que es complicado hacer una portada.
Muy buenas todas, por cierto.

David Aja said...

¡Gracias majo!

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