23 August 2010

Immortal Iron Fist #16 cover

Issue 16 (2008) was the last issue of the series both for the writers (Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction) and for me, a one-part story meant to serve as an end period and paragraph break, centered more on the character relationships between the protagonists than on the action.
I wanted to continue, naturally, with the white spaces and give the cover a certain seventies movie-poster style (not for nothing were the seventies the high point for these characters), and the text of "the partner," "the friend," "the lover," as well as the use of the pointillism I think heighten that feeling.
There are only two colors, the colors of the Iron Fist suit.
If you'll notice, the rectangles of the composition form the shape of the number 33, pretty subtly and in a way you only notice after reading the story.
I wonder if I succeeded in that.


Unknown said...

Yes u did succeed..It took a while for me to recognize the shape is 33 which is really cool. I hope you return to Iron Fist series one day because your Mark on it cannot be replaced.

David Aja said...

Thanks dude, you rock.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite comics, ever.

Mr.Aja any hints about your next Marvel work?

David Aja said...

Thanks Rogerio, stay tuned.
Oh, and do not call me Mr. Aja, sounds a little like an evil machiavellian villian name, hmm?
(Maybe you're right, though)

Anonymous said...

Thanks David.
Fingers crossed to see some news very soon!

Anonymous said...

"The Black Widow�who cannot fall in love with a red-haired Russian spy?"
I just read it on Marvel site.
you really likes Black Widow?

llanerito said...

Hola, David. He colgado una entrada en el blog para enseñlar tu trabajo, si hay algún problema, por favor, coméntamelo.
¡Un saludo!

David Aja said...

Rogerio (I suppose is you): Yeah, sure, I always have loved Black Widow.
Llanerito: Ninguno majo, gracias.

Anonymous said...

Yeah..its me!
I am very happy to know you are loves BW.
Black Widow is my favorite character and you are one of my favorite artists, ever!
Would be awesome to see you drawing a black & white "Cold War/Steranko style" story someday...
Fingers crossed!

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