21 June 2010

Daredevil: Black and White cover

Daredevil: Black and White #1 is a one-shot not set in current continuity, out in August from Marvel.I did the cover and I will illustrate a short tale inside written by Ann Nocenti.
I showed this process recently in Twitter but, as I will do with some other stuff, I will upload it here to get some order.

I was told it was a Daredevil anthology done in the style of the Marvel Magazines from the 70’s and 80’s. Could be an iconic cover, something of an homage to the 80’s Miller/Mazzuchelli and Nocenti stories or that evokes their styles. I was inspired by Daredevil #216 cover done by David Mazzuccelli.

I did lot of sketches, but remember, never show to your editor sketches and proposals you do not like unless you want them to be chosen. These are the proposed ones.

Once it was approved I started penciling. Well, my pencils are not really pencils nowadays, I draw them digitally using a Wacom tablet and Photoshop. Then, I use to print them on a board and ink. Process and final pencils:

Final inks and halftone dots:

Then, logos and texts with Photoshop as well as some layers here and there to get the vintage effect aaand cover done.


zack soto said...

Very very nice!

Nerdy question: How exactly are you doing the backgopund perspective stuff in PS? I know Manga Studio has "ruler tools" or something to help with this stuff, but obviously you don't have that in Photoshop.

David Aja said...

Thanks dude! No tools, programs nor perspective, freehand drawing till I get it right.

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff, Mr. Aja!

I really hope to see you drawing a Black Widow "Cold War" tale someday.

FranciX said...

Aja Rules!

Luis Bustos said...

Qué estupenda!

David Aja said...


Nombre: Alex Cruz said...

Mis respetos David, gracias por dibujar imagenes asi, en tu estilo refleja los estilos de Will Eisner, Frank Miller y David Mazzuchelli.

Hey, tambien te llamas David, jajaja. Yo no soy dibujante, soy un humilde escritor y diseñador, pero el trabajo de Miller-Mazzuchelli tambien es mi inspiracion.

Geraldo Borges said...

I love to see a "how-to" post!! Congrats for your amazing cover and for sharing this step-by-step post.
Best wishes,

Jetstorm said...


Goyo Graco said...

Genial, la portada, el homenaje y el post mostrando el proceso. ¡Saludos boliches!

Philc0re said...

Anda, si tengo a Mazuzucchelli al ladito de casa! :P

Saludos de un vecino Pucelano! ^^

Philc0re said...

*Mazzucchelli lo que tiene escribir a estas horas... ¬¬

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